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Ready to design a gown that’s as unique as your love story?

Imagine wearing a wedding dress that nobody has ever seen before.

Imagine walking down the aisle in a dress that no other person has ever worn.

Catherine Colubriale is a wedding dress designer who brings dreams to life. 

A dress that is custom made, a bridal gown no other woman in the world can have.

Tulle Wedding Dress designed in Australia

A wedding dress designer in Sydney

Catherine Colubriale is an Australian wedding dress designer in Paddington, Sydney who can design your dream bridal gown in any style, shape, size or fabric your heart desires. 


Get a custom made wedding dress designed in Sydney like no other. 

If you choose to have a wedding dress designed for you, your best features will be brought out, and you will feel incredible every second you wear it – that is the beauty of bridal gown design & couture. 


Imagine a wedding dress designed and handcrafted to perfection, with incredibly high levels of workmanship. Catherine is an experienced Australian wedding dress designer that uses the highest quality fabrics to ensure a flawless finish for every bride. 

Tulle Wedding Dress designed in Sydney

"My dream has always been to design elegant & beautiful wedding dresses"

Catherine Colubriale an Australian wedding dress designer

With over 30 years of experience, Catherine is a leading Australian wedding dress designer in Sydney using couture for women who want to look and feel amazing.


Get a wedding dress designed that is unique to you.


This has been me all my life, my dream to design elegant and beautiful dresses that allows a woman’s imagination to run free and give her the opportunity to express herself and personal style.  

“Things never happen on accident. They happen because you have a vision,you have a commitment, you have a dream.”

Oscar De La Renta

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Looking for wedding dress and bridal gown ideas?

Savour the hushed tales of those who’ve walked the very path you’re poised to tread. These are the stories of remarkable women, each a custodian of a memory woven by Catherine’s deft hands. They’ve stood where you stand, their dreams entrusted to the artistry that only she can provide.

With each fold of fabric and each delicate fastening, their narratives took shape, transformed by the alchemy of Catherine’s design. These brides don’t just wear a dress; they don a tapestry of moments, a garment rich with stories and alive with emotion.

This is your invitation to join an exclusive tapestry of women, united by the unforgettable odyssey of creating more than a wedding dress—with Catherine, they’ve crafted legacies. Legacies that transcend time, stitched together with laughter, joy, and tears, in the quiet sanctum of Catherine’s boutique.

Your story awaits to be told, your memories ready to be crafted into every thread of your gown, to be cherished for all the years to come.

Australian wedding dress designer in Sydney

In a world brimming with bridal sameness, your heart yearns for a dress that stands out like a jewel against the commonplace—a one-of-a-kind wedding dress that whispers your name. The quest seems never-ending, the bridal shops in Sydney a maze of the monotonous. 

The longing for that perfect long sleeve wedding dress, or perhaps a daring short wedding dress, tugs at your dreams, but the vision eludes your grasp.

Feel the silk and satin slip through your fingers, the echo of elegant wedding dresses that almost were. Imagine the rustle of a simple wedding dress that could have been, or the glint of a mermaid wedding dress that wasn’t quite you. 

Your heart flutters at the thought of a princess wedding dress, but it’s a beat skipped in vain when the sea of white wedding dresses turns to a blur of indistinguishable tulle and lace.

Long sleeve sheath full length white wedding dress with lace designed in Sydney rear view
Classic ball gown white wedding dress with sweetheart necklink custom designed by Catherine Colubriale with long train

A simple solution, as clear and splendid as your own reflection in the mirror on your wedding day. Catherine Colubriale, the maestro of bridal couture, is the bridge between your dreams and the day you say ‘I do’. 



Her hands weave magic, turning satin wedding dresses into tapestries of desire, and strapless wedding dresses into emblems of grace. 



As one of the best Australian bridal designers, Catherine crafts wedding gowns that are more than fabric—they’re your story told in stitches and silhouettes.



Whether it’s the sleek line of an a-line wedding dress, the romantic trail of a simple lace wedding dress, or the regal aura of a bridal gown dress, Catherine’s bespoke creations echo your individuality. 

Each gown is a promise—a testament to the wedding dress designers in Australia who know that your love is unique, and your dress should be too.



So, end your search at the wedding dress boutique where dreams are designed. Trust in Catherine Colubriale, where every gown is a masterpiece, every bride a queen. 



Your journey to forever begins with a gown crafted just for you, from our bridal boutique in Paddington, Sydney, where the unique wedding dress you’ve longed for becomes the dress you wear down the aisle.

Off Shoulder Wedding Dress custom designed

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