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Individually crafted, elegant and timeless couture

Our purpose

Catherine  is a courtier with a design studio in Paddington, Sydney that can custom make any type of garment that people will remember forever. 

If you choose to have a custom made gown or dress tailored for you, your best features will be brought out, and you will feel incredible every time you step out.

A gown of this kind is handcrafted to perfection, with incredibly high levels of workmanship. Using only the highest quality fabrics to ensure a flawless finish.  


"My dream has always been to create elegant & beautiful dresses"

Meet Catherine Colubriale the Designer

Have you ever felt a deep
sense of connection with something? 
This has been me all my life, my dream to create elegant and beautiful dresses and garments that allows a woman’s imagination to run free and give her the opportunity to express herself and personal style. Every single one of us has a uniqueness that compares to no one else. My passion is to help you explore yours through my love for creative fashion dresses.

Ever had that feeling you get when all time stops and you are fully entranced in what you are doing?
From the age of 5 all I wanted to do was play and create using my mum’s dressmaking tools and fabrics. My long days seemed like minutes when my mother asked me to stop playing. It felt like the world stopped. From then on I don’t ever remember not wanting to play and create even when I was faced with life’s challenges.

This was the one place a could escape to and feel a sense of safety and calmness, a career my mother  didn’t encourage due to it’s labour intensity, she always said  to “create something beautiful you have to be dedicated and love what you are doing” I knew there was no shortcuts in creating beautiful masterpieces.


Have you experienced blissful
happiness through your entire body?
How do you explain the feeling of blissfulness, intensity and love for what you do? When I create I am in a headspace that allows no one to enter. This is where I feel most free and I know my soul is totally content. I avoid phones, emails and messages when I’m in my zone. 

With over 30 years of experience, Catherine is a leading Australian couturier in Sydney specialising in custom made bridal and evening gowns for women who want to feel amazing.

“Things never happen on accident. They happen because you have a vision, you have a commitment, you have a dream.”

Oscar De La Renta

The Couture House Collections

Catherine welcomes you to visit her Couture House in Paddington, Sydney so you can be inspired to explore yourself & create together with her. Catherine loves nothing more than to create your dream gown and share in that journey, tears included. Catherine and her team support you every step of the way, their hand crafted work intimately entwined with your ideas from start to finish with everything made in our Sydney studio. 

Stories from our clients

Enjoy some of the behind the scenes stories from the incredible women who have enjoyed an unforgettable experience with Catherine & created memories that will last a lifetime.