Learn about Catherine​

We’ve all learnt in recent years that life can be short, I believe no woman needs to settle for anything that is considered ‘ordinary’, you deserve to stand out from the crowd, be your own person & make a bold entrance into any room. That is why I am a couturier.

I am Catherine Colubriale, founder and designer of Catherine Colubriale Couture in Sydney and I welcome you to my creative atelier in Paddington, the place where I encourage you to be inspired to explore yourself.


I love nothing more than the art of creating glamorous, stylish dress designs either for my collections or from scratch as a couturier. I’m not afraid to push the boundaries and have the expertise to create any type of garment your heart desires. We are only limited by our combined creative design imagination, and what you are willing to wear.  


We can create your dream designer evening gown or elegant wedding dress in the comfort of my creative boutique studio in Paddington, Sydney. A glass of champagne is completely optional to begin our creative journey together. 


Here is my story…

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My childhood memories

As long as I can remember, what gave me blissful joy was making and creating uniquely designed dresses. My passion for dressmaking began as a 5-year-old girl, I loved to sit by my mother’s side and absorb everything while she was sewing or mending clothes to make a living. I’d often get in her way and beg her to teach me the art of sewing. My mother felt she needed to protect me from going down this path because she knew it was hard laborious work. She even tried to persuade me not to study fashion & dress design. 

Although I am a rebel at heart & wanted to put my energy into creating unique dress designs for women that want to stand out, feel confident & have something unique to them. I knew I could make that idea come to life.

Those teenage years

At the age of 15, I started working casually, saving everything I made to invest in my fashion studies. Whilst studying, I started my own business making dresses for friends, family and even won contracts to supply retail stores with my hand crafted dress designs. 


Wow! Finally, my dream to create beautiful fashion designs was quickly becoming a reality. With my confidence growing by the minute I took a chance and moved from working in my bedroom to opening up my first studio in Kingsgrove, at the age of 21.

It felt so amazing, my dream was now in motion.

Exploring the world

Over the years, I spent a lot of time travelling all over the world to countries including Italy, France, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Sweden, Philippines, Taiwan, Germany, America, Canada and many others. It has taught me to embrace diverse cultures, people from all walks of life & they have become a source of inspiration that get used in all of my creations from colours, textures, shapes and contours.

I can truly say I am a lover of life and everything in it. I have continued to grow and develop over the years and worked with a diverse range of incredible women, who have shared with me their life journeys.

Over 30 years experience

Fashion moves quickly and so have I. The world is full of ideas and when you work with a designer you can bring them to life. I feel I have mastered the ability to understand different cultures and people in order to create designs that suit their soul by understanding the person rather than just the brief.


Some of my career highlights include;

  • Designing promotional products and uniforms for global brands – like Elizabeth Ardern, Mary Kay cosmetics and Spectrum show gear.


  • Designing celebrity designer dresses and gowns – individual artists in entertainment, including Jo Casamento, Marie Patani, Shelly Horton, Maria Venuti, Athena X to name a few.
  • Showcasing wedding dress designs at Bridal exhibitions – including Mercedes Fashion Week, Doltone House, the Sydney Bridal Expo and the.



  • Charity event collaborations – Australian Couture Ball, Heart Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation to name a few.



  • Guest Judge – Pageant of the World competition in 2018



  • Local Business Achievement Award – Marrickville Council



  • Luxury Bride Magazine front covers – Our gowns have been featured on the front cover Luxury Brides magazine and many editorial editions in bridal magazines and newspapers.




I have a passion for pushing women’s boundaries when it comes to expressing themselves freely and embracing the elegance of their own body shapes whatever they may be. When I see how pleased you are with your perfectly fitted evening gown or wedding dress, it is the most fulfilling part of my design craft. 

I am really looking forward to being part of your journey.