Boutique bridal shop in Sydney

Visit Catherine Colubriale’s boutique bridal shop in Paddington Sydney where she creates custom made wedding dresses, unique bridal gowns and couture for brides. Located in the heart of Paddington, Sydney – create your dream dress.

Imagine wearing a bridal gown that nobody has ever seen before.


Imagine walking down the aisle in a gown that no other person has ever worn.


Catherine Colubriale is a bridal gown designer in Sydney who brings dreams to life. 


A bridal gown that is custom made, a dress no other woman in the world can have.

Classic ball bridal gown white wedding dress with sweetheart necklink custom designed by Catherine Colubriale
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Boutique bridal shop in Paddington, Sydney

A bridal shop in Paddington, Sydney

Step across the threshold where the typical bridal shop is reimagined into a realm of couture creativity. This is not a place where dresses are plucked from a rack; it’s a sanctuary where dreams are brought to life by the esteemed Catherine Colubriale.

At this is one of the best bridal stores in Paddington, Sydney, expect an experience that transcends the ordinary. Here, each bride is given the opportunity to collaborate with a leading Australian wedding dress designer, ensuring that your bridal gown is not just worn, but personally composed—a symphony in silk, satin, lace or any material you like, but in bespoke style. 


This boutique shop sells custom made bridal wear; it bestows a legacy of bespoke elegance for any bride to be.

A wedding dress boutique in Paddington, Sydney

In Paddington, Sydney’s our wedding dress boutique celebrates the art of couture with every stitch. This is the domain of Catherine Colubriale, where bridal gowns are not merely made but meticulously sculpted to fit the narrative of each individual bride.


Forget the sea of identical styles you see online or for sale on the racks in typical wedding dress shops. Step into a bridal dress shop that prides itself on distinctive design and unparalleled personal service. 


Here, in this bridal boutique, every consultation is a step towards realising the gown that you’ve not just envisioned but that you truly deserve – you get to design your wedding dress in our boutique.

A bridal dress store in Paddington, Sydney

Catherine Colubriale’s bridal dress store in Sydney is a departure from the expected, a haven where the word ‘standard’ finds no footing. Every gown is a one-of-a-kind creation, not a selection but a conception, tailored to the spirit of the wearer.


Within the refined space of this bridal gown shop, you’ll find not rows of gowns vying for attention, but a serene space where your vision is the sole focus. This is where the search for a ‘bridal shop near me’ ends and the journey to a custom-crafted, intimately personal bridal gown begins. 


Catherine Colubriale’s boutique isn’t just a store; it’s the first chapter of your wedding story, penned in lace and luxury.


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