The story of A custom made wedding dress for pregnant bride Belinda

"...a hand crafted dress for a beautiful bride & mother to be..."

A custom made wedding dress that can suit a pregnant bride

The day I met Belinda, she was concerned about her changing body shape due to her pregnancy and how we could have her wedding dress finished. Her questions and concerns were quite varied and based on her past shopping experiences.


Will my dress fit nice on the day?  


What if I grow too big and my dress doesn’t fit? 


How close to the wedding date can you finish my dress?


I’m worried it won’t fit right. 


Can I leave my dress with you until the last couple of days in case you need to alter it to fit my changing body?


These were some of her worries.  I said to Belinda when you chose to get a dress custom made with me, the most important thing is to understand your concerns, worries and emotions before I start creating for you. I believe my best work can only be achieved when I am connected to you and understand your emotions.



So we began with designing ideas, looking at fabrics and Belinda fell in love with an exquisite piece of lace. The rest was history. 


I designed the wedding dress with the lace being the main priority. I had to consider the cause and effect of how this beautiful lace was going to react to the style we were creating. 


With Belinda’s baby bump on it’s way, we focused on using the lace on the top part of her gown, emphasising her shoulders and bust line. The rest of her wedding dress fell softly over her baby bump so she felt free and comfortable to move around on her special day without the weight and restriction of a heavy gown. 


We catered for all her questions and concerns throughout the fitting process, making her experience a wonderful and memorable one that she can share with her baby one day.


What did Belinda think about getting a dress custom made?

“ I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did on my dress. I absolutely loved it! Thanks again for everything – it really was an amazing day and I got so many wonderful comments on my dress.

Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with – this was the least stressful experience ever!”


A few common questions

If you do some research online the most common style of dress that is recommended for a pregnant bride is what some call an ’empire waist gown’ (a dress that’s cinched under your bust).


This is a fairly classic pregnancy wedding dress style that provides ample room to accomodate for a growing baby bump.


Some brides decide they want to accentuate their baby bump with a more form fitting dress. This can be done with a mermaid or sheath dress design.


No matter what information you find on the internet, Catherine can work with you to craft something that suits the style you have in mind, your body shape & the timing of your pregnancy. Catherine’s intuition works in harmony with her design skills to create a dress that is beautiful, yet functional so that you can enjoy your wedding day.

Technically speaking any dress can be adjusted to suit a change in body shape. The more important question is related to the style of dress, how much your body has changed & the timing available. These variables will always be unknown so there is no black or white answer as every situation will vary based on the individual, style, silhouette and how much of the dress needs to be changed. 

For our brides we take these things into consideration during our consultations & design meetings.

Hopefully, the photos can explain just how amazing a couture wedding gown can look on a bride. Every little detail is created to suit the individual to create a completely unique wedding gown that won’t exist anywhere else in the world.

A custom made piece of clothing is designed so that it is the same size and shape as your body. It can emphasise all of your elegant features perfectly. In this example it was also created with a skirt that could be detached.

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