What is couture?

Couture belongs to the lover of fashion, the one who appreciates and values diversity, creativity and attention to detail. As a designer, couturiers are commissioned to create an item that is unique to the individual. Sometimes, it could be a celebrity, a famous personality or even Royalty who is attending a function and is expected to stand out and make a statement. 

When wearing your custom couture wedding dress or evening gown, you can step into a room and feel like an absolute celebrity, knowing with certainty that no one will ever come to your special event looking as stunning as you will. Imagine what it would feel like to have your ideal dress created as a masterpiece of clothing that hugs your body perfectly,  with every aspect of the design being crafted in detail from start to finish matched to your body shape to ensure that every movement is graceful, elegant & shows off your incredible beauty. 

Choosing to work with a designer like Catherine means that you aren’t paying for just a service, you are about to embark on a journey with an experienced designer whose limits are only those of what you are willing to wear. The dress Catherine creates for you will take into account every little detail, idea and dream you have for what you would like to create be it an evening dress, bridal gown or wedding dress.

Designing a luxury dress begins with your vision for yourself, learning about your creative drive, taking in your ideas, and then creating something that is unique. With this discovery phase, we are able to create inspiration to then begin crafting a gown that will suit your body shape, poise, and most importantly, your soul. If you want to make yourself feel extraordinary, a couture gown can be designed for any occasion, be it a wedding, christening, or other formal occasion. As far as the type of gown we can produce together, well, we begin with a blank piece of paper in order to create something truly original, that nobody else in the world will be wearing.

Catherine will help you design each detail of your dress starting from the shape, to materials and every little embellishment. When you design a dress you are able to control every aspect so that it perfectly suits you & your imagination. You can create whatever is in your mind’s eye rather than have something similar to what other people have worn.

"Women are like wildflowers, beautifully hidden amongst each other. For a flower to stand out, she must admire her own uniqueness, style, shape and beauty".

Catherine Colubriale


We have a wide range of dresses available in our Paddington Boutique. We have two collections you can choose from;

The Wedding Couture

The Evening Couture

Once you choose a dress from our House Collection,  it is then  made to fit your specific body measurements and shape via a series of personal fitting sessions. These are not off the rack garments, they are adjusted to suit you.


You can get a custom made dress or gown that is individually designed for a personalised look. Each Custom Couture is quoted individually to your specific needs.

It is all about creating a one-off, beautifully fitted, high fashion evening gown or wedding dress that originates from our very first concept design sketches. Carefully chosen fabrics, details, embellishments and colour palette chosen by you.



Every piece of fabric, every element is sewn together with incredible attention to detail to create a beautifully finished custom made gown via a series of personalised fittings. 

Get a personal couture consultation

We would like to invite you to book a consultation with Catherine at her Paddington Boutique and have your first consultation with her. A private consultation will take place in her VIP room where you will have a private meeting with her. During the meeting Catherine will suggest to you what the best course of action will be for your particular requirements.  Whether you are looking for an evening dress or bridal gown or wedding dress either from our collection or to be custom made, Catherine will guide you through the best options available to you.

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How does our couture experience work?

Why is couture such a great experience?

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What body shapes can couture suit?

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Frequently asked questions about couture

Catherine’s range of Couture House Collection dresses vary in price depending if it is an evening gown, bridal gown, wedding dress. All Custom Couture gowns are individually quoted depending on the client’s requirements.

Yes, Catherine Colubriale is a Sydney wedding dress designer that is regarded as one of the best in Australia. Catherine can create elegant wedding dresses that have luxurious, but simple timeless designs. Your dream dress can be created in unlimited ways. Your dress choice may vary in style and silhouette for instance fitted, long, short, princess cut or ball gown with a strapless bodice or with either long or short sleeves, single or two piece and hand crafted using lace, beading, or any other intricate or textured fabric you would like to use.

Her gorgeous bridal wedding dresses are considered some of the best boutique wedding dresses available in Sydney and are bought for high class, modern wedding occasions. Catherine has a unique ability to create a bespoke wedding dress that embraces every element of your personality. Catherine believes that every brides deserves to feel like a princess on her wedding day.

When you think of a dress most of us refer to any style of a woman’s garment that has a bodice and a skirt as a dress. A dress can be worn pretty much anywhere it can be very casual or formal, depending on its style and quality. when you refer to a gown that’s the next level of dressing it is for a formal occasion such as a wedding, formal or black tie event.

The gown technically can be any full-length woman’s garment consisting of a bodice and attached skirt. A dress or gown covers the body to the floor. You can wear either a dress or a gown to any occasion as long as it suits the required dress attire for the function or event you are attending.

Strictly speaking a dress can be long or short, casual or formal and comes in lots of shapes and forms. It is the most common name given to garments worn by women. Although when you apply that word to wedding dresses then it represents something very similar to a wedding gown or bridal gown. Gowns, wedding dresses or even bridal dress typically are long, very formal pieces of clothing. They have very intricate detailing and are usually flowing with a long train.

Absolutely, Catherine is able to custom design and make any type of haute couture bride dress that you imagine, including mother of the bride dresses. No matter what body shape or size you are Catherine has the experience and knowledge to help you feel and look amazing in your Custom couture dress

The literal translation for couture comes from the French word for dressmaking. In today’s terms, it means creating a garment, piece of fashion or dress for a specific person. So the design is completely unique and you won’t see it anywhere else in the world. Some people get a little confused between the off rack dresses vs collections vs couture although the differences are quite unique;

  • Custom Couture; a piece of clothing specifically designed for you. It is a one-off piece that won’t be available or made anywhere else in the world, ever.


  • Couture Collection; these will be a selection of designs for a particular style or occasion that anyone can order & have made to fit their body shape. So it is possible someone else may have the same dress from that collection but the sizing, shape and fit is made specifically for each individual


  • Off the rack couture designed dresses; these are literally available to be purchased in a store off a typical clothes rack, hence the ‘off the rack’ phrase. They may have been designed by someone that does couture but they are available for anyone to buy from the general public either online or in a shop. It may be possible to make small adjustments to the hem or waist but generally, you buy the size that best fits you.

Couture means dressmaker, you can dream your dress or gown and have an experienced designer create that one off piece of clothing that you can feel confident in every step of the way. This is were creatives like Catherine dream your reality and make it come to life.

When couture is made in a fashion sense it is typically a designer who is making a one-off piece for an individual. Sometimes that may be a celebrity, famous personality or even royalty where they will be attending a function that requires them to stand out from every other person attending. A fashion designer will provide couture services because that is their ultimate outlet for creative freedom.

Haute Couture means high fashion. The garment is made by hand from the development stage of design to the finished hand appliques and detailing and takes up hours and hours of work . Highly skilled seamstresses  work in haute couture houses.

Haute couture and couture mean similar things; the slight difference in phrase relates to ‘haute’ typically meaning high end as in high-end fashion design.

When you decide to buy couture you are engaging the services of a designer to create something completely bespoke and unique, a one-off piece of clothing for that individual. You are buying the expertise and design talent of that individual to create something for you.

The point of couture is to have an outfit, garment or dress made to your specific body measurements – something completely unique, designed just for you. It is the ultimate expression of individuality.

The most powerful feeling for a women is to walk into a room and know no one else will show up in what she is wearing. That is what couture dressing will give you.

Anyone that loves to stand out and express their personal style can wear couture. While it is more expensive than an off the rack garment bought in a store, it would be a unique piece of clothing made to fit your individual body measurements.

Ready to wear or off the rack are normally pieces of clothing that you simply buy and put on, assuming you can find the right size for your body. Couture is something that is made just for you, it may take inspiration from a ready to wear garment but every inch will be made to fit your body & suit your style

Yes in some cases couture is hand sewn, depending on the style of the garment being created.

Haute couture is the ultimate expression of bespoke design and clothing creation. So rather than a mass-produced item coming from a factory, couture is normally hand made which takes skill and time. Couture also requires multiple sessions to design, test fit & ensure what is being created is perfectly matched to your ideas. This requires the experience and skill of a designer.

Depending on the client and complexity of the design, it could take a few months to a year.

A couturier can make any type of gown including

  • Wedding Gown
  • Ball Gown
  • Evening gown,
  • Mother of the bride gown
  • Mother of the groom gown
  • Bridesmaids
  • Christening gowns
  • Red carpet Gown
  • Black tie gowns
  • School Formal gowns

A couturier can make any type of garment to suit any occasion because it is custom made and these can include;

  • Wedding,
  • Pre- weddings 
  • Christening,
  • Kitchen tea,
  • Hen’s night
  • Engagement parties
  • Birthday parties especially the milestones
  • School Formals