The story of Maddie’s custom made lace wedding dress with short sleeves

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"...a sentimental touch, using lace from her mother's dress..."

A custom made wedding gown with short sleeves & material from a mother's dress

Maddie was elegant in every way. When I sat down with Maddie to create her dream wedding gown, everything about her was feminine and elegant. 


After exchanging ideas about the look she wanted for her wedding dress and the theme of the wedding day, we came up with many beautiful ideas that would suit her style. The one idea that stood out the most for her was the beautiful high waisted A-line skirt that draped softly over her small framed body, extending at the centre back into a slight train.
The skirt was accompanied by a crop style top with short sleeves. 


We used a combination of soft laces to maintain an elegant and graceful wedding dress.
We incorporated some of her mother’s wedding dress lace into her gown as part of the detail.


I loved the sentimental touch of using her mother’s lace on her gown. It raised the emotional feeling of her gown to the next level. A special bond to have with her mum and a memory built for a lifetime.

What did Maddie think about getting a dress custom made?

 ”I wanted something that was comfortable and practical whilst still maintaining a feeling of elegance and beauty. Catherine was just beautiful to work with, I’d send her ideas and together we came up with a beaded lace top and a high waisted silk skirt that trailed behind me. I loved attending her bridal shop in Sydney for fittings, she was always bright and optimistic about every detail. She incorporated lace from my mums original wedding dress into the button up lace back and my veil hair piece which was very special and a personal touch. Catherine made me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped into her store and felt so beautiful in her design. I’m forever thankful and had a positive experience.”


A few common questions

One of the benefits of getting a custom made wedding gown in Sydney is that we can create whatever your heart desires. This means you can choose every element from the length of the sleeves to the fabrics we use. In this example Maddie chose to have short sleeves which suited the style of the gown and her body shape.

Another benefit of getting a custom made wedding gown in Sydney is that we can include elements like a piece of fabric, a keepsake, piece of jewellery or some other small item into the design of the dress. In this example Maddie used some of the material from her mother’s wedding dress.

In other examples we have hidden sentimental items in the lining of a dress, added beads or even replicated parts of another dress to create a link, an emotional bond, between those items and the bride’s past.

Hopefully, the photos can explain just how amazing a couture wedding gown can look on a bride. Every little detail is created to suit the individual to create a completely unique wedding gown that won’t exist anywhere else in the world.

A custom made piece of clothing is designed so that it is the same size and shape as your body. It can emphasise all of your elegant features perfectly. In this example it was also created with a skirt that could be detached.

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